The Journey never ends

Writing and directing this web series has made me think about a lot of things, including my relationships with people, and my relationships with what I believe. I’m not torn, just in a place where it all makes sense. Edem and Elan have performed very well. They have grown into their character’s. They are Romare. That dynamic Romare (Edem) has with spatial time, awareness, and a longing he can’t fulfill. Elan is equally unfulfilled, and unrelenting to fill his void. I wrote this story, to examine the truth. Not finding the truth, but examining it and really discovering her mysteries. If you had all the truth about your parents, aunts, uncles, past lovers, with no lies, would you reveal it? What damage would that cause? What gain would it avail? Then diving deeper and really to unravel what the truth is made up of, some good, some bad, but whole. That is the abstract, the construct. This journey.

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